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At AV Connections we have a commitment to expertise in state-of-the art Audio-Visual technologies with invention and flexibility in the approach to satisfying specific communication needs. Promising cost-effective personalised solutions and providing full support.


Our approach is consultative to make sure you get the system that is right for your needs. We take time to understand the system users and the functional requirements of the system.


We pride ourselves on our ability to combine a variety of audio and video solutions together to get the right system for you. We are integration experts


We started out by supporting our customers and we haven't let go of that mentality to this day. We provide support solutions tailored to business needs.

How can we help?

The need to communicate effectively is essential to any organisation.

Audio Visual Connections technical knowledge and expertise, working directly with manufacturers and with specialist consultants all go towards helping us to design a solution that will meet the needs of the project.

Whilst no two projects are the same there are key specific elements that Audio Visual Connections recognise are needed to deliver an exceptional AV solution.

We love what we do

With 23 years of experience we have seen technologies evolve, amalgamate and develop, in this time this has given us a skilled insight into how technology works. This enables us to provide the very best solution with the most relevant pieces of equipment to achieve our customers goals. We believe we have all the experience you are looking for in an AV solutions provider.

We started as a customer service company and have an exceptional understanding of the client needs which is transferred into the final solution.

We love what we do. It excites us to be involved in the most state of the art equipment and designing systems that have never been implemented before; Everything we do is bespoke.

As well as our extensive experience in designing systems we also have the very best in-depth knowledge in its implementation, building every part from design, equipment installation, project management, programming and equipment configuration. We have a specialist in every area of our business.

We have our own demonstration facilities which we are constantly evolving with the latest technology in both corporate and residential solutions.

We pride ourselves in quality and this is proven by our ISO 9001:2015 status.

Our long-term goal is to develop AV Connections into a market leading support provider.

Our Mission

To be the first-choice provider for creative,
Cost-effective audio-visual technology

Our Vision

A world without barriers to Audio Visual systems

Our Promise

We deliver for end users, placing integrity high up on the list of attributes we value the most. A company comprised of honest, trustworthy team members that follow up on pledges and always do what they say they are going to do.

Our Spirit

Encapsulated most prominently as our dedication to exceptional customer service. We listen and respond to the needs of our clients and this directly translates into final project delivery 

Meet the AV Connections Team

Mark Simpson

Managing Director

Personal Interests

Cycling, Adventure and Country Living

Emily Hingston

General Manager

Personal Interests

Road Cycle Racer, Home Baker and Hen Keeper

Nicholas Sale

Technical Operations Manager

Personal Interests

To many passions to mention Rugby, Fishing, Music and instrument making to name but a few

Nicole Watmore

Accounts & Project Coordinator

Personal Interests

Forestry wife, dog lover and explorer of UK coasts and countryside

Joanne Snowdon

Head of Accounts

Personal Interests

Dog Loving, Classic Car Driver, Sewing Machine Operator

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