AV Consultation


"Getting connected with Analysis"

Every good AV system begins with an in-depth needs analysis. This forms the foundation of our AV consultation. Whether you are ready to go all-out and need complete systems integration for a new building or just want to upgrade certain components now for futureproofing, we’ll evaluate your organisation’s current technology workflow, and how your current systems might be holding you back. Then we’ll talk about what you’d like to accomplish in the future, and how various solutions can help you get there.

We adopt a consultative approach specifying the most appropriate technology for each project and more importantly the system user is one of the most important aspects of the work we do. We invest time to understand our client needs and requirements as early as possible, engaging with them to help them discover what these are.

Our expertise in AV technology enables us to achieve project goals, improve decision making and build understanding, by actively involving and collaborating with everyone involved in a project.

Our AV consultation includes the provision of information on the project in a timely, complete, transparent and professional fashion. We use a cloud-based software tool for managing two-way communication between us and our clients.

Drawings are prepared in CAD to show wiring schematics and elevation views. We also annotate existing drawings provided by other project design teams, identifying equipment locations, third party service requirements and cable routes.

AV Consultation

Our design and project management are here to provide a full and comprehensive oversight to every aspect of an audio-visual installation, every step of the way.

Working closely with our clients from the start of a project at site survey stage to project completion, we can provide as much support that is required.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the process in more detail.