How AV technology can better connect your business

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How AV technology can better connect your business...

Whether it be mentally, spiritually, biologically, financially, socially or technologically we are connected. Those who are disconnected are simply conditioned in this way and if we can attempt to reconnect the disconnected by teaching them how everything is already connected, we can achieve a social dynamic where we are flexible enough to transform communication. This is also true in the workplace integrating AV technology to break down communication barriers and this is how AV technology can better connect your business.

At AV Connections being innovative to meet the specific communication needs of our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Our company ethos ‘Always Connected’ is our conscious and sub-conscious state-of-mind affirming our connection to our clients and the audio-visual solutions we design and install within their organisations to make them work more collaboratively.

How AV technology can better connect your business

We would like to think that AV-integrated technology infrastructure goes beyond connecting the building to the employees and the employees to the technology but that the connectivity to the technology connects the employees to the ultimate goals of the organisation. 

AV technology provides for a better happier work environment inside and outside of your office space. Productivity is at the core of this and video conferencing capabilities allow for remote access and collaboration. Enabling employees and teams at separate locations to communicate company-wide saving on travel time, streamlining training sessions and being able to share information more freely.

Better collaboration brings stronger interpersonal connections and collaborating via video removes the physical distance between the participants. AV technology cuts through road blocks of inefficiency allowing employees to remain focused instead of becoming frustrated with a lack of technological advancements, resulting in a disconnected work place.  

If your organisation is stuck in a rut without the latest AV technology to overcome these frustrations which impede productivity, then a good place to start is upgrading your meeting spaces with the simplified meeting room.   

The Simplified meeting room is quite simply a space that is reserved for discussion, collaboration and learning. These spaces can vary in style and functionality, dependant on the intended use and number of participants. A meeting space that has out-of-date AV equipment that sees the host spending time trying to connect only to find their laptop does not have the right connector for the projector or monitor is not providing the right experience.  

To make this space work seamlessly allowing the host and participants to connect without any disruption is achieved by effective AV design to enhance the experience, without being complex or costly. An effective simple meeting room solution is a display with a straight-forward easy-to-use form of connectivity and may include audio reinforcement. This can be further expanded to fully immersive conferencing suites and seminar spaces using state-of-the art AV technology that provides high-quality virtual meeting experiences.  

Digital signage also represents an opportunity to improve communication through technology. Monitors and touchscreens can be used to provide dynamic content with internal communications and announcements or up-to-the minute information on meetings and room reservations. Integration into room, desk booking and way finding solutions further enhance this.  

Our vision at AV Connections is to see “a world without barriers connected with AV technology”.  If you haven’t seen what audio-visual technology can do for your workplace – now is the time.

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“We are all connected; to each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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