58 Wood Lane, London White City


Phase A of FBCA consists of the following key zones:
Entrance / Reception, Food & Beverage, Informal Meeting Areas, Event Space, Huddle Booths

Scale Space Case Study

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In this case study we look at Scale Space; an affordable space, a new community for innovative businesses looking to scale. The unique service proposition focuses on connecting scale up companies with the talent of Imperial College London and the business building expertise of Blenheim Chalcot, the two overall partners in the joint venture.

Scale Space is currently engaged in the development of a ~100,000ft2 building on the White City Campus (Scale Space Building Phase A). This building will be part of an overall development intended to be 200,000 ft2 when complete. Phase B (~59,000 ft2), which will
connect to Phase A and form one building.


Scale Space will provide 7,000ft2 of common space (Food Beverage Common Amenity – FBCA) within the entrance of Phase A (FBCA-A), which will ultimately extend to around 9-10,000ft2 when Phase B (FBCA-B) is complete. This common space will generally be open plan space but will be split into a number of distinct areas/zones which will be configured for different activities. Each of these zones needed some level of audio-visual equipment fit-out.

The Budget for the audio-visual system was limited and it was necessary to balance functionality vs cost at all stages in order to develop an optimum solution which provided a good level of functionality and ‘wow’ factor at a reasonably acceptable budget.

We continuously challenged the audio-visual requirements in order to develop the optimum solution.


Entrance / Reception

This area greets visitors with a stunning LG 65” wall mounted recessed display to the rear of the reception desk displaying digital signage content and the reception desk also has provision for background audio and audio source input.

A wireless user control panel allows pre-set user selection and master administration of the video and audio routing throughout the area. The display can also be used as an overflow display for “The Pitch” event space.

Food & Beverage Zone
There are 2 LG 55” wall mounted displays segregated into 2 main functions. Display 1 has a dedicated content player primarily for menu board content located within the serving area. Display 2 is in the seating area of the café and receives digital signage content. Background audio for an ambient atmosphere is also available in this area.
Informal Meeting Area

An interactive 86” Iiyama mobile Display on a dual pole trolley mount has local connectivity for use around the area, audio output to reinforcement speakers fixed mounted in the area which can be utilised for background audio when not in use for presentations.

This area is also used as an overflow area for presentations taking place in “The Pitch” event space.

Event Space

Referred to as “The Pitch” this area consists of a 4 Screen Videowall with local wired connectivity along with wireless presentation functionality, sound reinforcement is provided by fixed mount speakers.

The event space has a dedicated in-wall controller providing user pre-set recall as well as audio control.

The wireless control panel has also been programmed to control the full functionality of the space.

The video wall in “The Pitch” makes for a real wow factor in the event space and has the flexibility to present creative and artistic content.

Huddle Booths
Standalone booths with 27” Iiyama displays and local wired connectivity provides users with the convenience of BOYD.
Wireless Microphones
Audio-Technica wireless microphones are available throughout the space with the ability to be mixed with program audio for presentations. Each microphone is assigned to individual or multiple areas simultaneously as required. A wireless control panel provides a +/-3db control on the input level of the microphone to enable staff members to tweak the system.
For user friendly control the whole solution is intuitively manipulated using Crestron Control.

With the installation of Phase A complete, Scale Space now has a series of state-of-the art zones that support both staff and tenants while positioning Scale Space with the latest technological tools. This was a fast-tracked project that needed to incorporate a number of elements to turn the space around quickly. AV Connections handled the projects integration impeccably from start to finish, enabling us to deliver the client a space that they were satisfied with on both a process and performance level.

You can see the amazing facilities Scale Space provide here: Visit SCALE SPACE

Despite a Global Pandemic and national lockdown, AV Connections managed to complete the project on time and in budget.

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