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Standardised Rooms

Looking to standardise your AV solutions across a corporate campus? We have worked on multiple projects where a room standard required developing for roll out across a commercial estate.

When it comes to room standardisation and standards building we pride ourselves on our ability to squeeze maximum value for money out of a technical solution.

AV Solutions - standardised rooms
AV Solutions - Meeting spaces

Meeting Spaces

Conference Room , Meeting Room. Huddle Space, Boardroom, Open Office Plan, Breakout Area, Café...

What physically encompasses any given room in a commercial place today has changed dramatically and continues to evolve. So much so that there are simply no standard definitions anymore.

What is important is what the space needs to accomplish. How many people use it? How do they want to use it? In an existing space, what is challenging productivity? We will help you identify your standard room types and replicate them as suits your needs.

Every room system design begins with a needs analysis: we will explore the goals of the space. We find the point where needs, budget and scope converge, and we build the best AV solution for your intended outcomes.

Large Venues

Auditoriums, Council Chambers, Multi-Functional Space

Leading a presentation or performance in front of a large group is about leveraging flexible technology to deliver impactful content. Whether it’s in the room, livestreaming to remote audiences, capturing for later broadcast and editing seamlessly on-the-fly or in post-production.

Identifying how technology can enhance an audience’s experience in a transparent way is the first step addressed in needs analysis. You want to distribute your message far and wide in the formats that serve your purpose best. Your key requirements might be ease-of-use — being able to hit a single button and be on your way. Or maybe you need a robust set of features to adapt to various presentation styles. Maybe you need both. In-room or remote collaboration might be part of the story.

One thing’s for sure though, and it is that presenting your message in the most impactful way possible, helps your organisation succeed.

AV Connections team designs multipurpose rooms with flexible AV solutions that can vanish from sight when not in use. Speakers and acoustical design that adapt from amplified music to spoken word, and control systems enabling simple transitions from one event to the next.

Bespoke Spaces

Unique spaces call for unique solutions and we love the challenge of designing and delivering something a little bit different from the ordinary.

Whether it’s a specific integration of technology or perhaps a challenging building fabric that needs to be overcome we are ready to deploy our experienced professionals to get the right solution.

Unified Communications

AV and IT converged some time ago and we made it our business to stay at the cutting edge as it developed.

We work with various manufacturers to provide both software and hardware systems into our clients’ unified communication arenas.

AV Solutions - digital signage

Digital Signage


Digital Signage uses commercial grade LCD and LED screen technology to dynamically display advertising, internal communication and everything in between. Advertising Displays, Touch Screens, Freestanding Digital Posters and Outdoor Digital Signage can be used in a wide variety of public environments. These include retail settings, restaurants (as Digital Menu Boards), hospitals, corporate environments, theatres the possibilities are endless.

From a video wall that spans long hallway to campus-wide communications, AV Connections can help display and deliver your message across the room or the global enterprise. Our custom signage solutions are designed to work within the aesthetic and architectural design of your building, in any size or configuration to fit your budget.

Send any source to any screen with one touch; combine displays to make one larger than life image; divide the video wall into segments for limitless display combinations of varied content; or control the content from your mobile device of choice.

The need to communicate effectively is essential to any organisation.

Audio Visual Connections technical knowledge and expertise, working directly with manufacturers and with specialist consultants all go towards helping us to design AV Solutions that will meet the needs of the project.

Whilst no two projects are the same there are key specific elements that we recognise are needed to deliver an exceptional audio visual solution.

Contact us today and let us help make your AV project a reality.