How Digital Signage improves communication and collaboration.

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How Digital Signage improves communication and collaboration.

How Digital Signage improves communication and collaboration
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The benefits of digital signage in retail or customer facing areas are well established – if not often used to the optimum. But the potential of digital signage in a corporate environment, such as the office or meeting room, is less well understood or adopted.

With the speed of technology innovations seemingly ever-increasing, digital signage may not feature very high on your list of must have business tools. You may even have digital signage currently in use at one or more of your sites. But is it actually working for you? When was the last time the content was reviewed or even updated? It may seem like old tech now but there is not only a place for digital signage in your current business thinking, it is also a powerful information tool that can boost collaboration and productivity. A recent study by Mvix 1 found that 56% of internal communication teams are considering increasing the use of digital signage within their organization.

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Imagine an important message or deadline that needs sharing with the team at one of your offices. You have sent an email but have no idea if everyone has read it or will even remember what it says once they get into work – and half the team are only coming in two days a week anyway. Well positioned digital signage can solve this problem. Arriving at the office the team members see the message even if they have missed the email, or have the message reinforced if they did see it. Those  working from home who might have forgotten or disregarded the information will be confronted with it when they do come in to work. Not only that but the information is freshly updated and didn’t require constant email or text updates as the deadline or information changed.

This is only one basic example of the many ways digital signage can be used to simplify information transfer – whether that information is the current employee of the month or simply to remember to wash your hands and keep a safe distance from each other.

By making digital signage a fixture in the workplace, employees can become more engaged with one another and work toward achieving success with greater awareness and efficiency.”  

Bridget Callahan, Digital Signage Today 2

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The Mvix study worryingly found that 47% of employees are unsure what their company’s core principles are 3. Whilst this might be surprising it is easily solvable:

Digital signage is the perfect tool for a modern workforce – letting everyone know what the organization’s values are.” Lillyan Wamaitha, Mvix

Other real-world examples of digital signage use and application are many – here are a few:

  • Corporate News and information
  • Company Social Media Feeds
  • Internal Events and Competitions
  • Positive Messages and Well Being advise
  • Company Brand Engagement
  • Emergency and Safety Procedures

There is a huge range of information and detail that can be delivered via digital signage and in a much fresher, up to the minute and eye-catching way than a memo or email ever could. And with the addition of interactive signage, extra information can be delivered on demand; from a current diary of events to greater depth video and audio content.

Contact AVC today to discuss your signage needs. Whether you want to improve the way you manage your meeting spaces or increase your employee motivation, we can design and deploy a digital signage solution across your locations that is visible, effective and easy to manage.


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